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Pushkar Girls Care Org.
ujrati Mohalla,
hoti Basti,PUSHKAR 305022 AJMER,
Tel. 0091-145-2772200
Cell: 9828211688

Email info@pushkargirls.org





What We Do

With the help of social worker and with the help of village administration we try to find out little girls who are interested in studying but are unable to pursue same due to their socio -economic problems or due to the traditional belief of childhood marriage and thus not educating their female children.
We  try to convince the parents to send their children especially the female children to school by convincing them the need of education in time to come & its importance in our life.
In order to over come their inhibition of educational expenses , we undertake to provide the girls the books/stationary and assure them to provide uniforms and pay their fees. Wherever desired by student/parents, the society will make arrangement for their lodging in a rented house. Though the Govt. has announced the mid day meal scheme for school going children the society will ensure to provide nutritious meal to all girls in the evening who are under care of society.

In order to ensure good health the ailing girl will be provided full medical care and normal medical check up will be conducted from time to time on regular basis to ensure good physical growth & mental growth of all the poor girls students.





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