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         Our Address

Pushkar Girls Care Org.
ujrati Mohalla,
hoti Basti,PUSHKAR 305022 AJMER,
Tel. 0091-145-2772200
Cell: 9828211688

Email info@pushkargirls.org





Our Aim
To help poor girls to face sad grim situations with determination, we helps them to study and education and this makes them to grow up with confidence..
They can help us to strengthen our organization by helping other needy girls to pursue studies. we provide all encouragement to become self confiden


Our Union
There are nine members in the society (who help poor girls)
1.One is House wife from the members, is nominated as a Chairperson.
2.One member is a Teacher.
3.One member is a Govt. Officer.
4.One member is a Social worker.
5.The rest of five members are from business community.





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